Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Clothespin Card Clips Craft

This may be my one any only blog posting for December, so may as well make it a holiday craft post!

This is for a fun, fast and VERY easy (and cheap! Hello?!) holiday project that you can do to create a nice display for all your holiday greeting cards. I saw this in Martha Stewart Living magazine, December 2008 issue in the Good Things section ...

Basically you take some wooden clip-style clothespins and some scrap wrapping paper (or any paper you want ... I coordinated by using wrapping paper that matched my Christmas decorating color scheme for this year: red & white) a good gluestick, a sharp craft knife and a length of ribbon or cord.

Slather one side of a clothespin with the gluestick, place it firmly down on your wrapping paper (on the backside, obviously, so the pattern is on the front of the clothespin) let it dry a bit, then cut around it with your craft knife to trim away the excess paper. Repeat on other side, and for however many clothespin clips you'd like to make. String a length of ribbon or cord wherever you'd like to display your cards, and start clipping 'em on up!

Merry Christmas!
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sunnyblueskies said...

These are so cute...thanks for sharing!

Anke said...

*heee* The "string up clothespins to display cards" trick I remember from a crafting book I got when I was a kid. Nice variant, this. :)