Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Upcycled Rice Bag Pillow

Ta-Da! As promised (to myself) I made a quick & easy craft today - one I've been meaning to do for awhile but yaddayaddablah just put it off along with everything else.
Anyway, I've made a cute decorator throw pillow upcycled from a rice bag.

I got a buncha cool ricebags from my friend Patricia over the summer, and I figured I'd either make a tote bag or pillow out of them - the pillow seemed easier and quicker (and just all around more doable with my limited patience and sewing skills)

This one was a practice run with the smallest of the bags - and while I could have gone the "Super Easy Cheaty Route" and just stuffed it as-is with fiberfill and zipped the sucker closed, I didn't! I cut off the top portion with the zipper and handle, re-sewed around the entire perimeter with a straight machine stitch, filled it with polyfill, then sewed the top shut. It's a bit wonky (Unstraight Threadlines! hello, good buddy!) and the top is kinda "rustic" with it's ravelled edging, but I think it turned out cute enough for what was literally a 20 minute top-to-bottom completed project. Including the 5 minutes it took me to rethread my sewing machine, which I still have to haul out the manual for cuz that's how often I use it :D

I ran outta polyfill so I only made the one, but since that was my goal, I'm happy :) And I plan to do a bit more involved of a job on the others and might even use pillow forms on them - we'll see!
Let's hope this is the start of a nice, productive, creative roll for me ...

~ gem ~


Raffles Bizarre said...

I love that so much, very creative! :D

Dennis Salvatier said...

Wow that's really awesome! Hi Michelle, I found your blog through moo. I know how you feel about graphic design and wish I could take a break from the client based stuff,but for now I gotta keep going. I'm working towards doing more illustration so I won't lose my mind. We'll see. Anyway love the blog and will be adding it to my must read list. :)