Sunday, October 4, 2009

* Blog Giveaway! *

* Blog Giveaway! *
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Hubs brought me home a few new grocery totebags the other day, and I thought since I:

A) haven't blogged ANYthing in EONS and
2) it's October, and breast cancer awareness month,

I'd do a lil bloggity giveaway for ya's!
Just comment here once and I'll put ya in a drawing to receive this great pink reusable fabric tote, and a super pretty pink heart keychain. Link this giveaway on your own blog (or Twitter or Flick'r or Facebook or wherever ya post!) and be entered twice!

Random drawing on Saturday, OCT 10th!

A reuseable tote (good for the environment!)
Pretty in pink to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness
FREE = my own personal stimulus package ...
Awe, just lookit me, being all damn kinds a helpful :D

Hearts, gem


Em said...

I'd love to enter!

My cousin just survived breast cancer. She's 39 years old and has young kids.

I try and support breast-cancer research in whatever way I can!

Shanda said...

Me, me! I can't pass up a fun giveaway!

Ceinwyn said...

You can sign me up as well. I can always use a tote and promoting such a good cause is a bonus. :o)

Orit Berl said...

I'd love to join as well. Such a good cause. I had cancer (not breast cancer though) 7 years ago and I try to spread the word.

memmu said...

Giveaways are great... I'm in too :)!!!

There is a lot of breast cancer in my family... you never know who's next!

Anonymous said...

I am a one year breast cancer survivor. I am 42 years old. I would just like to say that women should get their mammograms...but most importantly check and know your own breasts!! Be your own advocate! Cancer sucks...but women are stronger!! Together we can beat this devil of a disease! Warmest regards to all.

jennifer plante said...

what a great giveaway. support our sisters in the battle. bravo.

Liz B. said...

What a cute bag! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway :)

gem said...