Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet ... Weezer

Sooooo ...

We got a cat.

Saturday at PetSmart was their open adoptions from a couple rescue groups ... this little guy was from Alley Cat Orphans and is about 3 and a half months old. Originally he was named Mason by the rescue group, but we renamed him Weezer once we got him home - due to the fact that he had a cold! and his lil sniffer was making a weezly noise.

He went to the vet Monday to treat the cold and make sure it wasn't pneumonia,etc ... and turned out he had earmites, too! Poor baby ... he's on antibiotics and an antihistimine for a week but he's doing well and is just so super sweet ...

So watch for more Weezer as time goes on!

~ gem ~
(and there. I've posted for July. hah!)


sunnie_fairy said...

cute little kitty
have fun with him...

suesviews said...

Aww... lucky little kitten to have such a loving new home :) Have a cuddle for me, please.

I came to find your rant about your appalling artwork ;) but it's not here yet.. 'hope you've decided it's not so bad after all. I think it's great!

Have a lovely day :)

Suze xXx