Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Hot Mess

Working on some swap art this weekend - ATCs and decos mostly. The April Showers ATC swap at Nervousness is due soon and I finally sat down to make my cards today - I usually work intuitively without any real plan or idea, but this time I came up with what I thought would be cute idea for the theme and didn't figure on it being so hard to get the idea from brain to paper.

Plan was to use a paper drink umbrella and add "rain" in the form of embroidery floss and beads. Well it turned into a hot mess, real quick - the umbrella part was okay but I'm just not great at sewing and then the beads wouldn't fit over the needle (these were choice 5, I think) and so then I got pissed when it didn't happen and I added the handle & cap in Sharpie and thaaaat made it better, yes? -sarcastic eyeroll faces here-

Anyway. I went another route which turned out okayyyy, but I just get annoyed when I have the perfect idea for a project and then for whatever reason can't manage to pull it off in the exact way I envisioned it.

~ gem ~

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